A leaked voice note that’s been published by Daily Mail Australia has proved that MAFS star Bronte knew that Harrison was seeing a woman before their TV wedding.

In the first episode of season ten of MAFS, viewers saw Bronte and Harrison exchange vows at the alter. While Bronte was initially pleased with her match, later in the ceremony she received news that Harrison had a girl on the outside that he planned on reuniting with once filming for the show wrapped.

After finding out the news, Bronte confronted Harrison. who admitted that he’d been seeing someone shortly before he entered the show, but maintained that he was single and allowed to do what he wanted before filming began.

Now, it’s been revealed that Bronte actually knew about Harrison’s history, and plotted with her friend to play it up to her advantage.

“Oh my god, I’m actually triggered. Oh my god. Like what am I supposed to do? Bronte begins the voice note after being told about Harrison’s past and that she made be paired up with him.

She continued: “[She’s] 21. That’s nine years younger than me. Eight years. I can’t do math…Well, you know what? If he is my match, I’m gonna and play that to my advantage.”

The MAFS bride added that if she does end up being paired with Harrison, she would send her sister after him.

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“If he is my match, I’m gonna tell Kira to be an absolute ***** to him.”

Bronte then told her friends that if she’s matched with Harrison she will use this information as a way to gain more exposure.

“Oh my God. I will literally like play this up like crazy. Like I reckon I would actually confront him when we’re in private. Just like, by the way, like I actually know why you’re here. Like if you’re wanting to just like, I guess play this on, that’s fine, but.

“And we can just be friends, but for the cameras, we can obviously put on a show because if I do get this guy, like, I’m not gonna be able to like him because I know what he’s like.”

You can listen to the voice note here.

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