Louis C.K. is well and truly on the comeback trail and he’s selling his new stand-up special online. 

After his career was derailed by numerous accusations of sexual misconduct a few years ago, the comedian has quietly snuck back into his field recently. His comeback shows quickly sold out; he even scored a Grammy nomination for Best Comedy Album.

Now he’s selling his latest stand-up special to fans online: SORRY captures his appearance at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, filmed on August 14th. It sounds like C.K. is happy with SORRY. “I am very proud of this show and I feel confident that you will laugh fourteen or more times during it,” he stated in a press release. “It is, so far, my favorite show that I have personally generated.”

Judging by The Daily Beast‘s description of the show, he’s not holding anything back. “The comedian’s new material is not for the faint of heart,” they wrote. “It has everything… COVID-19 jokes, jokes about staring into the human asshole, 9/11 jokes, gay jokes, Jew jokes, cancer jokes, a heavy helping of transgender jokes, and a sprinkling of additional race jokes. And tons of sex.”

C.K.’s selling SORRY for $10 on his official website. He’s also hawking SORRY and Sincerely Louis C.K., his Grammy-nominated 2020 show, for the total sum of $15. If you want more of his risqué comedy, for $25 C.K. is chucking in five extra specials: Live at the Comedy Store, Oh My God, Live at the Beacon Theater, Hilarious, and Chewed Up, all released several years before any allegations against him first rose up.

Sincerely Louis C.K. will compete against albums by Chelsea Handler and Kevin Hart to be named Best Comedy Album at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

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