Now, nobody is saying that the Wise children are robots. I mean, it would be ridiculous to suspect thatLucy Wise, middle child of the outlandishly talented family troupe, is actually an automaton assembled from cast-off pieces of various instruments and sheet music, held together by folk magic passed down from generation to generation… wouldn’t it? Voodoo notwithstanding, Wise is a natural storyteller, infusing songs with a sense of place so strong you can almost feel the dusty earth crunch beneath your feet as she sings. Little wonder for an artist whose musical odyssey began so early.

“Both our parents wrote music and Dad is an instrument maker, so we grew up with a lot of instruments around the house. From an early age we were performing and being exposed to all these different kinds of performers and instruments at festivals like Port Fairy, Woodford, the National. It made music seem like it wasn’t an irresponsible thing to do.

“A lot of parents would encourage you to go off and learn science or something,” Wise laughs, “but we were encouraged to do whatever we wanted.”

While music remains her full-time passion, somewhere between the demands of touring, writing and recording Wise was also able to sneak in an entire arts degree. Her studies in anthropology are perhaps unsurprising given the context of her creative life; unravelling the lives of strangers, bringing to life locations and words scattered across the sweep of Australia.