Macca’s has unveiled the final two iconic international sauces that are making their way to Australia for a limited-time only. 

Last month, Macca’s announced the “Sauces in July” promotion that would see the fast food chain give Aussies the chance to dip and dunk into four limited-edition sauces.

First up was the Cajun Sauce, described as having a “sweet yet tangy flavour,” containing a creamy blend of Dijon mustard, vinegar, honey and spices.

The sauce famously featured in the celebrity meal K-pop band BTS dropped in 2020. It sold out pretty fast that year, so it was a prime candidate to make a comeback.

There was also the simply iconic Szechuan Sauce, which has been a favourite at overseas Macca’s since 1998 but didn’t reached Aussie shores until this month. The sauce comes with an aromatic and rich blend of soy sauce, ginger, garlic and sesame oil.

It was originally brought to Macca’s to celebrate the release of the simply iconic Mulan, and made a all-too-brief return in 2017 thanks to Rick & Morty turning the sauce into an inescapable meme.

Yesterday, Macca’s sadly revealed that Cajun and Szechuan were very nearly sold out, which is why they’ve now unveiled the final two sauces in the promotion.

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There’s the Curry Sauce, an iconic favourite at Macca’s in the U.K., a country that loves a mean curry sauce. Its “delicately spiced and fruity” flavour is supposed to resemble the classic yellow curry sauce that British people gluttonously pour over their fish and chips up in Blighty.

There’s also a U.S. staple, the Mighty Hot Sauce, a flavour that reportedly “packs the ultimate punch”. The spicy chilli dip may just be what’s required to fend off this alarmingly cold Aussie winter.

The final two “Sauces in July” sauces will be available in Macca’s locations around the country from this Wednesday, July 20th until Tuesday, August 2nd (while stocks last).

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