Forget getting fit in iso, we’re probably gaining the quarantine 15kg instead, especially because Maccas has decided to release $2 grab backs of cinnamon sugar dusted donut balls.

Man, isolation has been bad for my health, and not just the mental side of it – hey! So many places are popping up with recipes and new comfort food ideas: KFC shared a recipe for popcorn chicken nachos, San Churro popped out some ’90s themed churro snack packs, and Ben & Jerry’s churned out a new ice cream that’s full of chocolate fudge and potato chips.

Now, Maccas is hopping on the quarantine snack train and has quietly popped a new item onto their menu, and dang, does it sound delicious. For only a small, gold coin (that’s $2, folks), you can grab yourself a pack of cinnamon dusted donut balls. Yep, you heard that right, donut balls.

Just give a dig around in your pockets, hand bag, or the cushions in your couch, because for just $2 you’ll get five of these little devils coated in cinnamon sugar and fried to perfection. Need I say more?

Well, I’m gonna say more, because if donut balls weren’t enough to get you going, you can order a side of their hot fudge dipping sauce for an extra $1.50. Up for even more of a sugar rush? Why not grab a McFlurry while you’re at it, and chuck a few donut balls into the mix.

Keen to get your hands on these balls? Uh, well, donut balls, that is? If you’re in NSW, then you’re in luck, but us Melburnians and the rest of the country will have to wait a bit as states that they’ll be heading out for the rest of us in the coming weeks.

So, Sydney-siders, you can feel free to let me know how amazing these donut balls at Maccas are while I wait for us chumps in Melbourne to get our mitts on them.

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