Never mind your Travis Scott, your BTS, or your Saweetie – Maccas Australia has partnered with the PlayStation 5 and I couldn’t be happier.

To celebrate its landmark 50th birthday, Maccas has created 50 limited edition PS5 controllers and I mean just look at them. In terms of custom controllers – you do get some horrible ones – this Maccas one might be a bit colourful but it isn’t too shabby at all. It’ll also probably lead to a lot of unconscious decisions to order Maccas just by looking down at your controller so be warned.

To be in with the chance of winning one of the controllers, all you have to do is tune into one of several Maccas Twitch streams that are taking place over the coming week (see the full list of dates and times below). It couldn’t be simpler. And there’s a range of games being played on Twitch to keep your attention, from Overwatch to FIFA 21.

So best of luck if you’re trying your luck over on Twitch this week. And if you’re not a Sony guy, I wouldn’t worry too much – expect a Maccas x Xbox collaboration within months, even weeks. They just can’t be outdone, those two.

In less positive related news, some pesky scalpers were able to buy up Big W’s PS5 stock before they even went on sale and there’s a special place in hell for those types of grafters.

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Maccas Twitch streams

Muselk on Sunday at 1pm playing Overwatch

Jacko G on Monday at 6pm playing Overwatch

X2Twins on Tuesday at 10pm playing Minecraft

Cripsy on Wednesday at 1pm playing FIFA 21

Kiki on Thursday at 8pm playing Night in the Woods

Crayator on Friday at 4pm playing Mario Kart

Aiden AK on Saturday at 4pm playing World of Warcraft

Watch 7News celebrate the 50th anniversary of Maccas:

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