Maccas is bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘fast fashion’ with their new summer range.

Forget the Chicken Big Mac, Bacon Big Mac and Onion Rings they launched for their summer menu – soon you’ll be able to make a purchase from their new swimwear line.

Togs, bathers, swimmers, cossies – whatever you call them, Maccas is collaborating with iconic Aussie label Budgy Smuggler to give them a summer makeover.

According to, the new range starts at $55 and includes bikinis, one pieces, bucket hats and Budgy Smuggler briefs.

The range is emblazoned with the famous golden arches, images of burgers, fries and drinks, Maccas logos and more.

Though, it doesn’t look like Ronald McDonald will make an appearance.

McDonald’s Australia senior brand manager Liz Whitbread said the company was excited to be combining “two great Aussie icons to create the ultimate summer uniform”.

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“The limited-edition range of swimwear is bold, fun and eye-catching, perfect for enjoying the summer season in style,” she said.

“Whether it’s lounging on one of Australia’s iconic beaches or dipping in and out of the pool, this summer is all about doing things we love with people we love.”

The range will be available via Budgy Smuggler stores and online from Saturday.

Of course, it’s not the first time a fast food chain has released its own merch.

KFC dropped some merch in 2018 in the name of fund-raising – and New Zealanders even scored a KFC scented candle last year.

Domino’s in the UK collaborated with fashion designer Charlotte Denn to create a stain-proof pizza-print onesie.

And Maccas themselves have released $5 Silly Socks to raise money for Ronald McDonald House, and had plans to release a limited edition PS5 controller.

Budgy Smuggler also currently has a range of swimwear with Subway available, if you want to show off your six-inch or footlong.