Maccas has just announced that they will be giving three of their classic burgers a The Princess Diaries treatment.

The beloved Big Mac, Quarter Pounder and Cheeseburger have all undergone a series of renovations that would make Scotty Cam take up witness protection. The adjustments made to the burgers have reportedly resulted in thiccer, juicier, hotter and more delicious burgers.

Maccas have spent hours upon hours grinding over cooking their patties to perfection. Through their experiments, they have come to the conclusion that the patties taste the most luscious when cooked on a grill with onions and superbly melted cheese. They’ve also developed fresher, softer, buns.

The best news though? They will be adding more special sauce to their Big Mac. No more will we be forced to smear a penny-sized dollop of sauce around a burger lid using a chip as a knife in order to optimize flavour.

“We’ve reviewed all of the steps and elements that go into serving our classic burgers to ensure they are the very best they can be – and here in Australia, we’ll be the first country in the world to serve these hotter, juicier and tastier burgers at every one of our restaurants,” shared Sharon Paz, Vice President of Operations at McDonald’s Australia.

In Maccas adjacent news, the company were recently forced to apologise after the parents of a two-year-old Perth girl found their child sucking on a discarded condom left in the dining area of a McDonald’s restaurant. You can read more about it now.