Furiosa, The highly anticipated prequel to the Oscar winning film Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) has just wrapped filming. 

In a video posted by Hayley Wright, the stunt double of Anya Taylor-Joy, Director George Miller and 2nd Unit Director Guy Norris have officially announced that the movie has finished filming. 

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Furiosa follows the younger version of Charlize Theron’s character of the same name, from Mad Max: Fury Road. In that film, Furiosa is a defector of the tyrannical Immortan Joe who controls the wasteland by withholding water from his suffering people. 

Throughout the film it is revealed that she was kidnapped from her home as a child and had been planning to escape The Citadel and return there. Unfortunately, she discovers her home no longer exists and instead they defeat Immortan Joe and free the water. 

The upcoming Furiosa stars Anya Taylor-Joy as young Furiosa, alongside Chris Hemsworth, Tom Burke and Fury Road alumni: Angus Sampson and Nathan Jones. 

It’s unclear as to where exactly on the timeline Furiosa will sit, but with the return of Jones and Sampson, it is expected Furiosa’s kidnapping may play a significant role in the plot. 

The other question is whether we will see a return from Tom Hardy’s Max Rockantansky. Famously, Fury Road was plagued by controversy around Hardy’s set antics that have led many to believe it may have been his one and only outing as Mad Max. 

Regardless, it is heavily rumoured that both Hardy and Theron will be reprising their roles further down the line for an upcoming sequel. Perhaps this means a Mad Max universe is on the cards?

Anyone who has seen the 2015 film would be naturally excited for this, considering the diverse, bizarre and expansive world that Miller created. 

Furiosia is penned in to release in 2024. Which gives you plenty of time to re-watch the whole series!

Check out the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road:

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