An MAFS 2023 contest who recently dropped a bombshell on his on-screen wife was allegedly booted off the show by producers.

Warning: this article contains spoilers, you should stop reading now if you don’t want to be spoilt.

An MAFS contestant – who recently left the show after dropping a bombshell about his IRL relationship – might just have been booted off by producers. Viewers of the reality show were left shocked when Shannon Adams told his wife Caitlin that he was still in love with his ex-partner Jamea Drake.

As another source told So Dramatic!, Shannon reportedly decided to leave the show shortly after his and Caitlin’s honeymoon, telling his on-screen wife that he still had feelings for his ex-fiancee.

However, some sources have alleged that Shannon was actually asked to leave by the producers after his behaviour towards Caitlin reportedly turned toxic.

“Shannon told people when he got off the show that he was asked to leave the first Commitment Ceremony because the experts thought he was being toxic,” a source reportedly told So Dramatic!. They were, however, unsure whether it was ‘just for a break in the night, the Commitment Ceremony, or the whole show.’

In the lead-up to their exit, as sources alleged, Shannon had been behaving ‘like a total monster.’

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“Everything was going great for them until a switch flicked in Shannon,” one insider reportedly said. “He became extremely emotional and erratic not long after their wedding.”

They also alleged that things took a turn for the worse for the couple during the ranking challenge, where the couples had to rate other brides and grooms. “In the challenge, he makes some pretty f*cked comments about Caitlin,” the source alleged. “He ranks her second and then moves her down even further.”

A recent report by Daily Mail Australia claimed that shortly after leaving the show, Shannon had reconnected with Jamea and gotten back together with her. However, according to some sources who wrote to So Dramatic!, the couple had not given their romance a second chance.

“He’s been trying to get back with her but I don’t think she wants a bar of him,” one insider reportedly said. “They’ve been in contact but they’re not back together. It’s one-sided on his end at this point. They have been on/off for years so who knows what will happen though.”

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