MAFS star Alyssa Barmonde has issued a lengthy statement regarding her actions in last night’s episode of MAFS, which saw her storm out of the room during a session with the show’s ‘relationship experts’.

The executive assistant told her followers that she has anxiety, and said that she had a panic attack while speaking to John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla on the couch.

Alyssa has been partnered with Duncan James in the show, and while they appeared to get off to a good start, their relationship has been showing cracks in recent episodes. They began butting heads at the couples retreat when Alyssa demanded that the cyber security salesman give her more attention and reassurance.

In last night’s episode of MAFS, Alyssa repeatedly stated that she needs more reassurance, and said she thinks Duncan doesn’t like that he isn’t a priority over her child. Partway through the session, Alyssa stormed out of the ceremony and left, and when Duncan followed she told him not to touch her.

After the episode aired, Alyssa shared a post on her Instagram saying that she has anxiety and experienced an episode while filming the segment.

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A post shared by Alyssa (@alyssa_barmonde)

“This is a bit of a longer post than usual, but I’m sharing this for everyone who can relate, for everyone who panics, who feels scared and sometimes very alone in their journey. Anxiety is something that’s part of me, but it’s not who I am. Living with an anxiety diagnosis for over 20 years is HARD, “Alyssa wrote.

She continued: “There’s a real stigma attached to talking about it openly. It’s something that most people suffer from in silence, feeling misunderstood and vulnerable. When a panic attack comes on suddenly – your only thought is your need for survival. For me – I need to be alone so I can focus, get into fresh air, slow down, and breathe. Having a panic attack on the couch is something that happened to me a few times. But this time I wasn’t strong enough to manage it head on. I took time. Stepped away. Calmed myself down. And returned to a hard conversation.”

“I wish I felt better understood sometimes, or that I can explain how I feel a little better, but don’t we all? Sending all the love I can out there to anyone who is feeling vulnerable right now ❤️.”

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