The latest development in the Bronte and Harrison drama reveals that the MAFS bride was texting her The Bachelorette ex throughout the show.

Bronte and Harrison are simply a couple who keep on giving, even if you don’t want them to. After their explosive wedding and even contentious honeymoon, the latest development in the couple’s relationship points the finger at Bronte Schofield.

According to So Dramatic!, the MAFS bride was allegedly texting her ex and The Bachelorette star Todd King the entire time she was filming for the show. An insider alleged that Todd and Bronte had dated ‘on and off’ for a while, and they’d still been in touch while Bronte was filming MAFS.

“They have gotten back together and tried to make things work many times since,” the insider alleged. They went on to claim that Bronte had, at first, refused to be on the show, but agreed when the producers persisted.

According to the same insider, Todd was less than enthusiastic about Bronte’s upcoming appearance on the marriage experiment show, but he came around. “[Todd] eventually told Bronte he would support her and offer her advice during filming if she needed it.”

This certainly does complicate the outsider’s perspective of Bronte and Harrison’s relationship, especially since the bride was dead set against Harrison cutting off all contact with his real-life partner and The Bachelor star Abby Miller.

The insider also alleged that despite Bronte clarifying to Harrison that there was ‘nothing going on’ between her and Todd, her on-screen husband still started having second thoughts later in the show.

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“Bronte told Harrison from day one. She was like ‘my ex and I still talk, we’re still friends, so if you see him come up on my phone, or if anything happens, I want you to know that there’s nothing going on. I don’t have anything to hide.’” The insider said.

“Harrison gets insecure that Todd and Bronte still talk,” a source close to the show alleged. “He used it as ammo against her and wasn’t cool with it at all.”

Another source who spoke to So Dramatic!, however, alleged that she’d never broken off contact with Todd in the first place.

“She was on her honeymoon and she was talking and texting him non-stop.” The source claimed.

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