MAFS star Bronte Schofield has published a lengthy post challenging the public’s perception of her as a result of her time on the reality show.

Bronte was partnered with Harrison on the current season of MAFS and the couple has been caught up in a number of dramas. In the premiere episode, he was confronted by his bride Bronte who was told that he had a girlfriend outside of the experiment. In the scene, Harrison admitted to sleeping with a woman he had a crush on days before filming his wedding.

Since then Harrison has gotten a women’s number at the bar, and both Bronte and Harrison have been accused by other contestants of faking their relationships. In a recent episode, Bronte’s own sister called Harrison a “narcissistic, gaslighting dickhead”.

Throughout the current series, both fans and Bronte’s co-stars have consistently wondered why she stayed with Harrison, and questioned if he had emotionally manipulated. Now, Bronte has finally broken her silence about Harrison’s treatment of her in a lengthy Instagram post.

““Fake”, “Naive” & “Stupid” are just a few of the things I have been labelled since being a part of this experiment,” she began the post.

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A post shared by Bronte (@_bronteschofield)

“I wanted this to work for so many reasons, reasons that no one will ever know or understand. In reality, people’s opinions of me, are none of my business. I have learnt that people know your worth, they just hope you don’t, because the minute you realise your worth, you learn the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve.”

Bronte went on to say the experiment bought her back to a younger version of herself who didn’t know her own self worth.

“I wanted H to see me for who I know I am, a strong, independent, kind, caring, charismatic, funny, loving woman. Instead of showing him that, I lost myself in the process of hoping to get chosen. For once in my life I wanted to be the woman someone chose above all, when in reality, I needed to choose myself.”

Bronte finished the vulnerable post by saying that she will forgive Harrison for the way her treated her, but doesn’t want to have him in her life again.

“As for you Harrison… Forgiving you in silence and never speaking to you again is a form of self care. Take Care, B x.”

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