More points have been stacked from MAFS groom Cam, after he reportedly behaved like a ‘d*ck’ with his wife Lyndall.

Despite being off to a (seemingly) good start, Cam and Lyndall’s relationship on MAFS is apparently next in line to be doomed. After Cam’s behaviour towards Lyndall during the latest dinner party, So Dramatic! has revealed that the groom was reportedly repeatedly a ‘d*ck’ to his on-screen wife Lyndall.

As alleged by an insider and reported by So Dramatic!, Cam’s good behaviour towards Lyndall was short-lived.

“They are only good for three weeks maximum in the experiment. He’s a d*ck to her,” the source reportedly claimed.

“Lyndall initially felt like she had found ‘the one’ in Cam. When the excitement of the wedding wore off, they really spent time with each other and they got to know each other. They realised they didn’t like each other at all.” They added.

The source also claimed that Cam had never been in a ‘proper’ relationship prior to this – though it doesn’t excuse his behaviour.

“He hasn’t ever been in a proper relationship or had many partners that he’s committed to, so it’s all new territory for him. He said some really hurtful things to Lyndall and treated her pretty badly.” The source claimed, adding that he was ‘a classic dude who has never dated a woman and he expected her to be OK when he had been rude or inconsiderate.’

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This is not the first time that Cam’s behaviour towards Lyndall was reportedly out of line. According to a report by So Dramatic! earlier in February, the groom shamed his bride for her cystic fibrosis.

A source alleged: “On their honeymoon, they were getting along really, really well. Then he turns around and goes to her, ‘Oh, well, why would I want to be with somebody who’s just going to kick the dirt soon anyway?’”

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