Taking a break from the Bronte-Harrison drama to focus on Cam, another groom who has done something questionable on MAFS.

Bronte and Harrison’s drama may have eclipsed the new season of MAFS, but it doesn’t mean that other couples aren’t giving them a run for their money. As reported by So Dramatic!, groom Cam Woods is raising eyebrows for shaming his bride Lyndall Grace for having cystic fibrosis.

As alleged by an insider, Cam and Lyndall’s honeymoon was less than spectacular after his poor response to her health condition. “Cam is not the good guy you’ve seen on night one all the way through the experiment. He shames [Lyndall] for having Cystic Fibrosis.” The source alleged.

According to the insider, Cam and Lyndall’s honeymoon seemed to be on the right track until Cam implied that he wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who was ‘going to kick the dirt’ soon.

“On their honeymoon, they were getting along really, really well. Then he turns around and goes to her, ‘Oh, well, why would I want to be with somebody who’s just going to kick the dirt soon anyway?’” The source claimed, adding that Lyndall, understandably, was heartbroken.

This comes shortly after Cam was shown to be receptive and understanding of Lyndall’s health condition when she revealed it on the show. “I know about it. We had a mate pass away… it’s where you have trouble breathing,” he told Lyndall after she revealed her diagnosis to him.

We don’t know where the couple is headed after this, but we can’t imagine it will be good. Just like Cam and Lyndall, another ship that seems to be on rocky waters is Bronte and Harrison, who apparently had a disappointing honeymoon after an equally dramatic wedding ceremony.

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Sources close to the show also alleged that bride Bronte – who insisted that Harrison cut off all ties with his real-life partner Abby Miller – was texting her ex, The Bachelorette star Todd King throughout the show.

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