Throughout season nine of MAFS, the OnlyFans ~scandal~ between brides Olivia and Domenica was one of the strongest storylines.

ICYMI, Olivia and Domenica repeatedly locked horns throughout the season, and Olivia uncovered a photo of Domenica from her OnlyFans and circulated it around the cast. Domenica was told at a filmed dinner party in front of the entire group. She stressed that she wasn’t upset about the old photo being unearthed but rather how the topic was breached to her.

Regardless, Domenica’s OnlyFans account was deactivated by the time the show aired. Olivia has since said that she’s “never had a problem with OnlyFans”.

Olivia added, “My personality is one that’s more likely to embrace OnlyFans and have an account than it is to ever shame someone [for having one].”

Now, Domenica has officially rejoined the platform, telling her followers last night that she would be reopening her account. “Jokes on them because my OnlyFans account was always there. It just wasn’t active,” Domenica wrote on her IG story and included a link to her OF account.

Dom announces her OnlyFans account

Domenica’s OnlyFans alias is SundayDomenica, and the account costs $10.99 a month to subscribe to.

Dom’s post-MAFS influencer career has been going from strength to strength. She’s the most followed cast member, boasting 563,000 followers. Her arch-nemesis – and her OnlyFans photo distributor – Olivia, has just 164,000 followers.

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Domenica has an OnlyFans account

The former TV bride also released a line of red t-shirts that feature the slogan, “My Body, My Choice Bitch”, which is a nod to her right to have an OnlyFans account and not be shamed for doing so.

Dom was ‘married’ to Jack on the reality show. The couple were fan favourites and stayed together throughout the series and left together at final vows. However, much to the dismay of thousands of MAFS viewers, Jack and Dom broke up after filming but remain close friends.

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