In a surprising turn of events, Married at First Sight Season 10 stars Duncan James and Evelyn Ellis have confirmed that they are in a relationship. The news comes after weeks of speculation and rumour-mongering about the duo’s close bond after the show.

An Unexpected Love Story

The couple, who failed to find lasting love with their on-screen partners, have since discovered romance with each other. Both Duncan, 36, and Evelyn, 27, confirmed the happy news during an exclusive interview with 9Entertainment. They candidly discussed how their friendship transitioned into a romantic relationship post-show, unveiling a love story that many viewers didn’t see coming.

Duncan revealed that they began hanging out more frequently after the show’s wrap, and over time, he experienced “warm, fuzzy feelings” that hinted at something more profound than friendship. Duncan described their chemistry as “straight-up passion with a sprinkling of best friend,” painting an image of a strong bond that extends beyond the typical constraints of reality television.

Acceptance and Blessings

Perhaps more surprisingly, Evelyn’s TV groom, Rupert Bugden, has warmly welcomed their relationship and offered his blessings. The acceptance from their fellow Married at First Sight participants has been overwhelmingly positive, a testament to the supportive community formed among the cast.

There was, however, no mention of Alyssa Barmonde, Duncan’s on-screen wife, who was left heartbroken at the final vows when Duncan ended their TV relationship.

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Looking Forward

The couple appears excited about their future and the prospect of no longer having to hide their relationship. They’re looking forward to sharing more experiences together, without the need to “sneak around.” For fans of Married at First Sight, this off-screen romance offers a new storyline to follow.

As we continue to see, the reality show Married at First Sight often results in unexpected relationships and heartwarming stories that extend far beyond the screen. The unexpected romance between Duncan and Evelyn is yet another example of the unpredictable nature of love and relationships, whether in the context of a reality TV show or the real world.

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