In recent years it’s almost become a rite of passage for MAFS stars to start OnlyFans accounts once their stint on the show is up. However, a source has revealed that the transition is making big problems for Married At First Sight.

For the first few seasons of MAFS, it was largely considered a family-friendly show with fairly wholesome traits. However, this began to change around season six, when Jessika Power and Innes Basic started selling raunchy content online following their time on the show.

The two controversial brides paved the way for future contestants to graduate into sex-related influencer work, and now it’s practically commonplace for multiple MAFS participants from each season to open an OnlyFans account featuring raunchy content of themselves.

From this year’s season alone, Domenica Calarco, Olivia Frazer, Jackson Lonie, Mitch Eynaud, Jessica Seracino, Kate Laidlaw and Daniel Holmes have all joined the content-sharing platform.

A source has told Yahoo Lifestyle that this crossover has caused MAFS to come to be associated with raunchier values, and has made the shows “too controversial for many family-friendly brands to be associated with”. Meaning that Channel Nine is missing out on serious advertising dollars from family-friendly brands.

The source added: “The ratings may be great but many big brands don’t want to go near Married At First Sight as it’s too controversial and doesn’t align with their values as a business,” the source says.

“The growing, and highly publicised, trend of past participants turning to porn and sex work is one of the main reasons many family-friendly brands are staying clear.”

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Prior to the aforementioned ex-MAFS stars who’ve crossed over to OnlyFans, other former participants who’ve made the transition include  Tamara Joy, Amanda Micallef, Mishell Karen, Hayley Vernon, Alana Lister and Jaimie Gardner all have active profiles on the platform

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