According to a slew of social media posts from MAFS groom Harrison’s accounts, he really does not believe in vaccines.

MAFS groom Harrison Boon’s problematic streak continues. A series of social media screenshots obtained by So Dramatic!, allegedly made by Harrison, show the reality TV star bashing vaccines and claiming he would rather get COVID than get vaccinated.

In one post, Harrison shared a video claiming to unmask the truth behind vaccines, captioning it: “Dead babies are used to make vaccines. This is not a conspiracy theory it’s a fact. Does that make you uncomfortable? Good.”

In another post, Harrison wrote: “Our government is making it clear it will continue to hold us hostage until a vaccine can be mandated. At this point being Pro Vaccine is to be Pro Fascism.”

In another post, Harrison claimed that the reason flu deaths were down in 2020 was because of simple hygiene and lockdown – ironically not realising the real reason behind the lockdown.

“The irony that flu deaths are down this year to 36, from over 430 last year because of hygiene, washing hands covering sneezes and staying home if sick has done what a vaccine has failed to over the last 80 years is not lost to me.” He said.

He added: “It also reaffirms the notion that modern hygiene and plumbing eradicated viral and bacterial outbreak of the past. Again nothing to do with vaccines.”

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In other posts shared during August 2020, Harrison – who is a father of one – claimed he would risk catching COVID than take a ‘rushed’ vaccine. “Yes I would rather risk catching a virus with a 99.9% survival rate and minimal symptoms than a toxic, rushed to market vaccine with no safety profile. This is the choice you are also being given.” He said.

In other posts, he slammed people who were staying inside due to COVID and waiting for the vaccine before stepping out in public, claiming they were ‘suffering from stupid.’

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