MAFS star Olivia Frazer has vehemently denied claims that she faked being in the top 0.02% of all OnlyFans creators.

Late last month Olivia published a screenshot on her Instagram story showing her huge success on the platform. Considering the phenomenally high statistic, which puts Olivia ahead of 99.98% of OF creators, a follower asked her for proof of her ranking.

“We want receipts that you’re in the top 0.02% of OF,” they wrote in a question box that Olivia published.

And, the MAFS star delivered, posting a screenshot of her account that does, in fact, state that she’s in the top 0.02%  of all creators.

One OnlyFans creator, however, claimed that Olivia’s superb ranking was far from the truth. They told So Dramatic! that the MAFS contestant’s screenshot is actually from an “outdated version” of the OnlyFans app.

Now, Olivia has slammed those claims, taking to her stories to debunk them and show screenshots from the updated OnlyFans app.

“I don’t have the technological skills to fake these screenshots. I don’t have it in me,” she said in the story.

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She added: ‘I don’t need to prove myself at all because let me tell you, my bank account is speaking for itself.’

Olivia told her followers that she’s disappointed that people are trying to ruin her “livelihood”.

“Celebrate with me because i think 0.02% of all creators is fricking amazing,” she said. “‘If you question that, shame on you.”

“This is now my livelihood. This is now a massive success to me after the six months I’ve had. So, let me be proud of myself, let me celebrate it. Celebrate with me.

“I don’t know why everyone has to be so bloody nasty all the bloody time. Just be happy and accept the facts because here they are in black and white in front of you.”

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