MAFS participant Olivia Frazer has made the bold claim that Ella Ding’s on-screen husband, Mitch Eynaud, “never liked” her.

During an appearance on Where’s Your Head At? podcast, Frazer told hosts Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski that Ella suggested that she and Mitch should stay together on the show to further their post-show careers.

“Mitch is going to kill me. I love Mitchell, I think he’s one of the best men on MAFS, but he never liked Ella,” Olivia said.

She added, “It was never a thing for him, and she was like, “The longer we stay on this, the more money we make.”

Frazer’s on-screen husband and now boyfriend, Jackson Leonie agreed with her.  “You could see that every time they got on the couch. Something’s not right here,” he told the podcast hosts.

Ella and Mitch stayed together on the show all the way until the final commitment ceremony, where Mitch told Ella he couldn’t commit to her. However, the couple got back together once the filming of the episode wrapped and attended the finale dinner party together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ella has since revealed that shortly after the finale dinner party finished filming, Mitch dumped her and blocked her on social media. She told Michael Brunelli and Josh Moss on their podcast The Handbags that Mitch cut off contact with her when he saw photos of her at the beach with co-stars Brent and Domenica.

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“The articles came out of brent and I at the beach,” she said before adding, “Mitchell knew that I was at the beach with him and Domenica.”

“Dom was there, you can kind of see Dom’s body in half of a picture… It’s the vegemite phone case that’s how you know it’s her,” Ella laughed.

She added: “As soon as they [the pictures] came out he just showed a really ugly side all through text. I tried to call him he wouldn’t pick up my calls and then blocked me.”

Ella confirmed to the hosts that Mitch blocked her the day the photos came out and hasn’t spoken to her since.

“He blocked me 15th Feb that’s when he blocked me. that was when the article came out.”

“It does not make sense. I feel like I was literally in bed with a stranger for three months.”

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