Olivia was one of the most polarising participants on this year’s MAFS, and the attention that follows her appears to have translated over to her OnlyFans subscribers.

The MAFS villain has posted a screenshot on her Instagram story showing her huge success on the platform – she is in the top 0.02% of all content creators on the platform!

Olivia conducted a(nother) Q&A session of her IG account, and a fan asked her about a public petition that was started to remove her from the photo-sharing platform.

“Thoughts on the petition to have you removed from OnlyFans?” one follower asked. Olivia told her followers that she was a “good investment” for the platform and that she was in the top 0.02% of creators on the platform.

Considering the phenomenally high statistic, which puts Olivia ahead of 99.98% of OF creators, a follower asked her for proof of her ranking.

“We want receipts that you’re in the top 0.02% of OF,” they wrote in a question box that Olivia published.

And, the MAFS star delivered, posting a screenshot of her account that does, in fact, state that she’s in the top 0.02%  of all creators.

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Olivia posts OnlyFans stats Olivia posts OnlyFans stats 2

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Olivia stated that she was never against OnlyFans, despite legions of MAFS fans believing she was after she outed co-star – and on-screen rival – Domenica’s account to the cast during filming.

“What did I saw was wrong with OF on the show? Nothing. You can’t quote it or find a clip of it because that’s an insinuation NOT a fact. And NOT something that ever happened,” she began.

“The issue was always D*m [co-star Domenica] having open social platforms (like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube) when everyone else had to put their socials on private and hand over passwords.”

“The issue was production’s blatant favourites of d*m. NOTHING to do with that damn photo or even with D*m herself,” Olivia concluded.

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