MAFS star Ollie Skelton has opened up about an incident that saw Nasser gate crash his hometown date in Sydney with partner Tahnee Cook.

Yahoo Lifestyle Australia reported that the season five MAFS participant tracked down Tahnee and Ollie when they were on an Op shop date.

Now, Ollie has spoken about the run in, saying that he was aware that Nasser was taking photos of them, but he didn’t know who he was.

“It’s so funny because he asked the person who was working there to take some photos,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia. “However, the photos were ‘coincidentally’ with us in the background and I knew that he was just subtly taking a photo of us.

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“I think you can see my eyes, I’m going, really dude?”

He added: “I didn’t know who he was… But Tahnee clued me in that he was on a previous season.

“He took the photos and then dipped out. I’ve never spoken to him in my life, but I wish him all the best.”

Though Nasser appeared on MAFS five seasons ago, he has tried to keep close ties with the show over the years. The reality star often shares his controversial thoughts about participants on the show and, last year, got in a heated fight with break-out star Domenica.

Last year’s season saw brides Olivia and Dom in a lengthy feud, with Olivia “outing” Dom for having OnlyFans. Domenica called Olivia out for disclosing her OnlyFans account without her permission, and thousands of fans siding with her.

At the time, Nasser aired his thoughts about the bitter battle between the women live on radio this morning during a segment on Kyle and Jackie O. The 52-year-old spoke vehemently in Olivia’s defence, telling the radio hosts that Domenica “whinged and complained” and played the “victim”. His attack went so far that Domenica took it upon herself to call into the show and stick up for herself.

“All (Olivia) did was, her friend has gone and looked up the OnlyFans or whatever, found these photos and said to her ‘Look, I just found Domenica’s photo, look at this’ … Olivia went and told the girls and the producers knew damn well that this was going to happen,” he said.

Around fifteen minutes into Nasser’s rant, Domenica called the show to say she found the MAFS alum’s comments “very hurtful”.

“Listen, listen, listen, stop playing the victim!” Nasser yelled at her in response.

Nasser went on to accuse Domenica of letting producers manipulate the situation.

“You could have stopped it Domenica, you knew, you let it go … they would have talked you into it, don’t sit here and deny anything.”

Although Domenica asked Nasser to “stop being so aggressive” he continued his attack on the current reality star.

“Get over it, your OnlyFans should be shut down before you go on the show,” he said, adding: “No one’s interested in this photo, get over the photo, we’re interested in you smashing that glass and looking at this girl and getting in everyone’s business.”

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