Tahnee and Ollie may be the golden couple on this year’s season of MAFS, but they’ve certainly got a skeleton in the closet.

Shortly after the current season premiere, it was revealed that Tahnee and Ollie are actually related. Tahnee’s sister Ashleigh is engaged to Ollie’s second cousin Jasper, making Tahnee and Ollie distant relatives.

Tahnee told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that they discovered the connection at their televised wedding.

“At the wedding, obviously the two families were separated,” she said. “Ollie’s mum looked over and she saw my sister’s fiancé Jasper and she said, ‘I know you! Your dad is my cousin!’.

“And then she started freaking out being like, what if the bride is Jasper’s sister? Because then we’d literally be blood-related. She was going up to producers being like, ‘Is that guy blood-related to the bride because we’re going to have an issue if so’.”

The MAFS star told the publication that the connection was particularly random because Ollie had never met his second cousin, Jasper before.

“I think Ollie has met Jasper’s dad like once or twice at funerals or big family things like that, but they were in a family group chat which they didn’t know about. We went back and looked at the group chat and they were literally in the same chat and they didn’t know each other. I was so shocked.”

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Tahnee said that being loosely related to her partner doesn’t phase her and said she actually appreciated the insight it gave her.

“I saw it as a really great sign because I love Jasper,” she shares. “He’s amazing and I have a great relationship with him, so I was like, if Ollie’s family is anything like Jasper’s family we’re sweet.

“I had such a good feeling when my sister told me about [the connection] at the dinner table. Because even if Ollie and I don’t work out, if my sister has a child with Jasper then that child is still going to be related to Ollie. And if we had kids, there are going to be connections on both sides.”

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