2017 will be remembered for a multitude of events that shifted society’s ways of thinking and values. A catalyst moment in this process is truly the virality of the Big Shaq’s genre and generation-defining hit, Man’s Not Hot.

Now up for some serious Hottest 100 love (here’s the quick math on what it’ll take for the track to take out the number 1 spot), Big Shaq has released a festive take on the already iconic track. To ensure you’re completely immersed in the festive spirit, Michael Dapaah has integrated the soothing sounds of sleigh bells amidst the shouts to ‘take your jacket off’ for your listening pleasure.

Listen to the track below:

Man’s Not Hot is currently sitting cozily at 19 on the ARIA charts. It may be a bit of a gimmick, but hey, we’ll take anything that’s not another Ed Sheeran track burning up the charts.

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