From waffle fries to the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry, any McDonald’s aficionado knows that the restaurant chain is no stranger to featuring limited-edition menu items. However, these items are usually available at multiple restaurants across the nation over a select period of time.

This is where the Flavour Burst Soft Serve Cone – which has a Pina Colada flavour option – differs. TikTok user AdrianWidjy has revealed that the special dessert item is only available at the Bondi McDonald’s restaurant.

The dessert is listed on the restaurant’s menu as a Flavour Burst Soft Serve Cone and customers can choose between grape, chocolate, raspberry, banana and Pina Colada.

@adrianwidjy In case you don’t know these 2 items exists in Sydney in 2 locations. I know for chocolate softserves there are other locations too. Know anymore? DM ME PLZ! 🙏 #placesinsydney @mcdonaldsau #maccas #mcdonalds #softserve #flavourburst #chocolatesoftserve ♬ original sound – Places in Sydney Foodie contacted a spokesperson for Mcdonald’s, who confirmed its availability. “The Soft Serve Flavour Burst is just available at Bondi,” they told the publication, adding there are “no plans to make it available at other restaurants at this stage”.

While the colourful icecreams look and sound delicious, a commenter on the TikTok video shared his father’s experience with the treat.  “I have been to Bondi my dad got that and said it was crap,” he commented.

In the same video, the TikTokker revealed that a single Sydney McDonald’s stocked chocolate soft serve ice cream.

“Second Gladeseville, with chocolate soft serve. Chocolatey perfection,” the audio in the video said.

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However, many users commented that the chocolate soft serve was available at their local McDonalds.

The video went viral and has racked up over 266,000 views and 16,500 likes in under a week. The TikTok user posted another video on Sunday showing another Mcdonald’s item that’s reportedly also only available at one Sydney restaurant.

“So additionally to the 2 I mentioned last week, this one with the fried chicken is also stocked in more than just 1 locations,” he captioned the video. The TikTok voiceover played on the video says, “I’ve shown you before 2 specific McDonald’s with 2 unique items… There is one more I just remembered. Southern-style fried chicken in Waterloo McDonalds.”

A commenter asked AdrianWidjy whether the McDonald’s chicken was “better than KFC?” To which the TikTokker replied, “Its different in my opinion, less greasy.”

@adrianwidjy So additionally to the 2 I mentioned last week, this one with the fried chicken is also stocked in more than just 1 locations. Put it in the comment if you know others! #placesinsydney #mcdonalds @mcdonaldsau #maccas #friedchicken #secret #softserves #southernstylechicken ♬ original sound – Places in Sydney Foodie

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