McDonald’s is slowly working towards becoming a fast food resource for vegans, with the restaurant chain launching vegan nuggets in Norway.

Over the last few years, plenty of fast food companies have been expanding their menus, trialling new items that accommodate for their vegan clientele.

While the likes of Domino’s have added vegan cheese to their pizzas, Hungry Jacks have also launched their own vegan burger.

In fact, even McDonald’s launched their own vegan burger back in 2017, trialling the new menu item in Finnish stores. This followed news of the McFalafel in Sweden, while a vegan Happy Meal followed back in January.

Now, it seems as though our Scandinavian friends are again getting the first taste of cruelty-free fast food.

As Plant Based News reports, Norwegian McDonald’s outlets are now offering vegan nuggets to their customers.

Featuring potato, chickpeas, onion, carrots, and corn, the nuggets will look the part, covering in a similarly-friend crispy coating as their chicken counterparts.

At this stage, there’s no word as to when Australians might get a chance to try out this new menu item, though it’s clear that demand is rising on home soil.

In fact, a petition was launched last year, calling for the fast food giant to bring a meat-free burger to Australian stores.

“For a growing number of climate conscious Aussies there’s no meat-free burger available at their local Maccas,” the petition explains. “We’re asking you to change that.”

“Sales of the McVegan have been soaring in Scandinavia, with 150,000 sold in the first month alone. The trial has been so successful, the McVegan burger is being rolled out across 270 stores to international praise and media attention.”

“Launching a McVegan burger in Australia would satisfy hungry plant-lover’s taste buds, reduce the environmental impact of meat production, and boost sales. A burger that can do all that? We’re lovin’ it!”