Quarantine life has got me chucking my diet entirely into the wind. Who has time to focus on calorie counting when there’s a freaking global pandemic on? That’s why I’m so thankful for Messina and the fact that they’re giving away cookie pies for free on Friday.

Seriously, this is probably the best news ever. You’re already a massive Messina fan, right? Their gelato is second to none, and they’ve also got Tim Tam flavours, to boot. They’ve already combatted COVID-19 anxiety by slinging free gelato, but now you can get their coveted, warm, gooey cookie pies for free, and I’m about to go into heart palpitations just thinking about it.

This Friday – that’s tomorrow, folks – Messina will be popping free chocolate chip cookie pies into every one of their Deliveroo orders. Well, almost every single order…you do have to purchase at least $32 worth of other goodies from them to be eligible. But, let’s face it, that’s not too hard to do with how many delicious gelato flavours they have on offer.

Luckily, this offer extends beyond the typical Sydney and Melbourne offerings with Canberra and Brisbane able to also get in on the action. With all of us missing the days where we could line up for miles outside of Messina’s glorious store-front, at least we can get the comfort of their creamy gelato as well as all their other delicious and delectable goodies delivered right to our door.

These tasty cookie pies will be delivered right to your door, and all you’ve got to do is pop them right into your oven to warm them up, and then dive in to the magnificence of warm, chocolate-y goodness alongside a glass of your favourite kind of milk.

Sadly, there’s no telling how much of a supply they have, so hop on Deliveroo at 5PM on Friday, April 17th and stock up on $32 worth of Messina goodies to get your hands on one of these warm choc chip bundles of joy.

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