“She’s beautiful, she’s sexy, she’s doing her own intro…”

These are the first words that the audience heard beforeMiranda Hartdanced her way onto the stage to a soundtrack that was reminiscent of a 1980s aerobics video. This kind of laid-back humour is exactly what I expected from the talented Hart; silly, down to earth and just plain fun. For those of you unfamiliar with her work, I highly recommend checking out her self-titled TV series, even if it’s just to ogle the gorgeous Tom Ellis in a sailor suit.

From the first few moments that Hart was on stage the audience knew that they were in for a party. This atmosphere was greatly aided by the comedien dragging a children’s party table out and giving away snacks throughout the show. If this didn’t win the audience over, setting up two single attendees on an intermission speed date certainly did.

Hart’s self-deprecating humour immediately disarmed the crowd and she quickly had them laughing along with her embarrassing descriptions of everyday encounters. She has quite the talent for giving a voice to the awkward perpetual child that resides inside all of us.

As a long-time Miranda Hart fan, I was surprised to learn that her 2014 tour was her first hard-core venture into stand up. Cynics who pre-emptively reviewed her debut suggested that she was going to be in over her head. Some even questioned her ability as a writer. Hart certainly proved them wrong in her domination of the stage in her own unique way. However, those familiar with her TV show would have recognised a large portion of the jokes. Although indulging in some old favourites can be fun, it was disappointing to hear so much recycled material. I was looking forward to hearing far more new, cringe-worthy adventures. Despite this, it was an enjoyable show that was rife with relatable anecdotes and hilarious audience participation that the entire crowd loved.

4/5 stars

Miranda Hart performed at the Seymour Centre.

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