We’re living in an era where sustainability is on the forefront of our collective minds. Modibodi, the experts in period underwear, have unveiled a new range of vegan underwear that’s as good for your body as it is for the planet.

The Modibodi vegan range features a range of environmentally-conscious period products like underwear, swimwear and activewear.

Whilst their traditional range is made with merino wool, the brand has found a way to replicate their period-proof products with an animal-friendly twist.

The vegan range is made with bamboo and cotton. It still boasts all the same perks of the original collection — moisture-wicking technology, microbial properties and absorbency like no other.

You can pick up an entire flows worth of underwear in the 7-pack. The Vegan Bikini pack features 4 of the brand bikini silhouette equipped to handle a light to moderate period, and three to cop a heavy or overnight flow. The pack is currently on sale for $178. It may seem a bit steep at the moment but when you think about how much money you’ve sunk into U by Kotex, it’s $178 you’re not going to think about in a months time.

They’ve also got a sleek, minimalist one-piece swimsuit on sale for $50 down from $100. Period-saviour properties aside, the actual swimsuit is completely gorgeous. The swimsuit can hold up to 10ml’s worth of liquid, which is roughly about 2 tampons worth of blurd. Summer is well and truly around the corner and there is no way in hell I am missing out on lapping up soul-nourishing saltwater on account of being anxious about a tampon string making an appearance.

They’ve also got leak-proof leggings on sale for $35 down from $80. If you asked me to pinpoint the single worst moment of my life, I would tell you about the time I sneezed not five minutes into a boxing class and my tampon came out but I was too nervous to duck off to the bathroom and instead spent the entire hour-long sessions racked with anxiety that I was gonna bleed through my tights. If I had these bad boys to back me up I reckon I would’ve been fending off calls from the UFC.

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Check out the entire Modibodi vegan range here.