Mogwai return with Rave Tapes, their first LP since Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will in 2011.

The Glaswegian post-rock group known for creating intense soundscapes has put out eight studio albums and a host of EPs over the last 20-plus years. Since the early, noisy releasesMogwai Young Team(1997) andCome On Die Young(1999), the band has expanded its sound to include more electronic arrangements. This album continues that softening progression.

The ten-track release opens with the soft xylophonic melodies of ‘Heard About You Last Night’, and while the songs that follow differ in their general theme, this track sets the tone for a surprisingly middle-of-the-road offering from this seminal band. While the arrangements are interesting the sounds are not, and like many of the others, this track seems to just peter out – a contrast to previous works, which built to a heady climax. There are stand-out tracks, but they seem to be the exception rather than the rule. ‘Deesh’ is the most memorable, with vocals lending a gravitas to the calamitous chords and apocalyptic drums.

More Mogwai, but perhaps not the Mogwai you are looking for.

3/5 stars

Out now on Spunk.

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