Monopoly has reinvented itself continuously throughout it’s long history as the most popular way to start a fight on a family holiday, but their latest version may have gone too far. Monopoly For Millenials is here and it’s lowkey savage.

The board game features the tagline “Forget real estate, you can’t afford it anyway” on the box and I’ve never related to a piece of cardboard so much. The Guardian reports that instead of trying to earn money, players must try gain experience points through landing on squares that include “a music festival, a farmers’ market, a vegetarian bistro, a bike share, your friend’s couch…”

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Basically it’s just a new way to stay home but continue to pretend you have a social life. The game’s Community Chest cards are also fun, there’s one that makes you pay your Netflix bill; “Your free web-streaming trial expires. Pay the bank $40.” Clearly whoever came up with that one hasn’t heard about continuing to use your ex’s Stan and Netflix accounts for years after your break up.

Millenials themselves don’t seem too pleased with the whole thing, possibly because of the fact that it’s basically just a bunch of shitty jokes/attacks on millenials. There’s literally a chance card that says “You took a trip to find yourself. You didn’t. Lose a turn.”

Even the classic Monopoly experience of going to jail has been tainted. It’s still very possible to go to jail, you just have to draw the card “You literally can’t even pay your student loan bill. Go to Jail. Go Directly to Jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $20.” SAVAGE. How do you get out of jail now? By playing the elusive “Your mom posts bail. She’s the best.” card.

The game has been discontinued apparently due to all the negative reactions, but you can still get the limited edition game on Amazon for now, but it’s not cheap. Watch a video on how to beat your friends at normal Monopoly below!

Watch: Monopoly – How to beat your friends!