We’ve conducted some very ‘holistic’ research this week into just why Australians love the mullet. You may be surprised to know it well and truly is making a comeback. Get those scissors out, people!

According to the 21,000 Australians surveyed via our Facebook page Good morning to everyone except, the mullet is certainly favoured in this day and age.

While there were 10,000 respondents claiming they weren’t in favour of the mullet, the remaining 11,000 asserted their love for the infamous haircut.

The official result: Is the mullet good or bad?


The mullet is officially back and better than ever, baby!

One user who was especially in love with the classic hair-do told quite the lengthy mullet story. “The mullet tells a story. When a man has a mullet, it shows he’s done the hardships of growing his hair. He hasn’t chickened out and gotten a haircut that’s the same as everyone else,” said Dom McInerney.

McInerney continues, “He’s an individual who makes his own decisions in life and doesn’t conform. He will get judged, called bogan and all round abused, but he won’t care. His mullet is the proof that these don’t affect him, because at the end of the day he’s an individual and will go further in life rather than those who are too afraid to be themselves and will never stand out.”

“That’s why it’s a good hair style,” he concludes.

Here’s what users had to say:

For the mullet:

  • “The mullet isn’t a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle.” – Preston
  • “Just fkn dope.” – Dustin
  • “Mullets are sexy asf.” – Angela
  • “The mullet is elite.” – Curtis
  • “Bring back the mullet!! I’ve got one, warms ya neck through winter and free flowing in summer yeww can’t get much better with the greatest hairstyle of em all.” – Spud
  • “The best haircut ever known to mankind.” – Zach
  • “Mullet is gr8 in summer it keeps you cool on the front and in the winter oooooh weee it keeps ya neck warm.” – Sharni

Against the mullet:

  • “Everyone I know that has had one for a while is still a virgin so there is a downside.” – Fletch
  • “The mullet is great… to be kept in the 80s.” – Stephanie
  • “It’s a half-assed attempt at growing your hair out.” – Yannick
  • “The mullet is… sorry I’ve got something… GROSS.” – Tanae
  • “the mullets intimidating asf.” – Tanya

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