Discover a new world of music at National Folk Festival 2017.

The National Folk Festival has added a bunch more acts to its already booming Easter lineup, featuring a cornocopia of global sounds.

American band Harpeth Rising lead the new list, bring their mash-up magic combining newgrass, folk, rock and classical.

The Changing Room and Jack Harris, both BBC award winners, will represent Blighty. These folk acts have been hailed as talents to watch, with Q Magazine calling Jack Harris “a unique lyrical mind”.

The sounds of Africa come in the form of Bortier Okoe, master drummer and multi-instrumentalist from the lush land of Ghana.

The lineup also includes Scandanavian group SVER, Greek Apodimi Compania, New Zealand duo Gilly Darbey and Vicky Clayton, alongside Australian talent Trouble In The Kitchen, Greshka and Ben Whiting.

Photo: Da Ping Luo

The 51st National Folk Festival will take place in Canberra during Thursday April 13 to Monday April 17.

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