Despite the fact that our calendars now read ‘2018’, it seems that a very vocal minority of Australians are still stuck in the dark ages, as evidenced by the discovery of a number of Nazi recruitment posters around Charles Sturt University’s (CSU) Bathurst campus.

As reports, the posters appeared to have been placed around the campus over the Christmas period, however the exact identities of the perpetrators are unknown.

Prominently featuring the swastika and hateful slogans, the posters also bear the website address of the Antipodean Resistance group.

Image of a poster by the Antipodean Resistance, found at Charles Sturt University’s Bathurst campus
Source: Antipodean Resistance/

“Antipodean Resistance see this country for what it is: terminally ill,” the group’s website reads. Be it mourning a now-routine terrorist attack, turning a cheek to the large-scale rape of children here and abroad, or encouraging the forced feminization of young children. Our nation is weak and crumbling under the weight of progressive degeneracy.”

“This cultural illness has robbed us of morality. It has made ruins of White achievement in the New World. But we don’t have to die with this system. As long as our race exists and courage remains in the hearts of White Australians, we maintain the ability to reclaim our land— and we will.”

Source: Antipodean Resistance/

Soon after they appeared on the campus, the posters were swiftly removed, with officials releasing a statement denouncing the hatred the posters contained.

“Charles Sturt University (CSU) condemns the content of a series of stickers which appeared at various sites on the Bathurst campus during the official Christmas New Year closure period,” stated Professor Chika Anyanwu, CSU Bathurst’s head of Campus.

“The posters were detected by campus security staff over the weekend and were removed at the earliest possible opportunity by cleaning staff,” it continued. “As an organisation driven by the values, Insightful, Inclusive, Impactful and Inspiring, Charles Sturt University will not tolerate such offensive material.”

The Antipodean Resistance group, who describe themselves as “the Hitlers you’ve been waiting for,” begun in Victoria at the end of 2016, according to their website. The same group also claimed responsibility for a number of homophobic posters in Melbourne’s CBD prior to the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

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