David O. Russell’s newest film has received a title, announced a large portion of its cast members, and released new plot details.

David O. Russell’s next film has received its title, much of its cast, and new plot details. The movie’s name is Amsterdam and sports a star-studded cast full of A-listers.

“David O. Russell’s new movie has been titled ‘Amsterdam.’ The ensemble cast includes Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Rami Malek, Zoe Saldana, Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Rock, Robert De Niro, Michael Shannon, Timothy Olyphant and Taylor Swift.”

The plot details that were revealed paint the film as a crime/spy thriller with some grande story elements that could boil up to a shocking conclusion.

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“David O. Russell’s new film “Amsterdam” is an “original crime epic” centered on Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, and John David Washington, who “find themselves at the center of one of the most shocking secret plans in American history.” It opens November 4, 2022. #CinemaCon

All of this is still continuing despite Russell coming under fire for the alleged sexual assault of his 19-year-old transgender niece. I say alleged because the case was dropped because there was no police witness, despite Russell himself admitting to the incident.

“In December 2011, Russell’s 19 year old transgender niece, Nicole Peloquin, filed a police report alleging Russell had sexually assaulted her. The case was closed without any charges being filed because the alleged assault wasn’t witnessed by police. [108] According to the police report, Russell offered to help Peloquin with ab exercises during which his hand hovered above her private parts. After inquiring about the hormones she used to increase breast size Russell slipped his hands under her shirt and felt both breasts. Russell confirmed that the incident happened, but told police that Peloquin was “acting very provocative toward him” and invited him to feel her breasts. He also admitted to being “curious about the breast enhancement.” This incident was also directly mentioned in the 2014 Sony Pictures hack. [109]”

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