While Boxing Day is associated with hangovers and watching the cricket on the couch for thousands of Australians, there’s always that one mate who seems obsessed with blowing their Chrissy cash haul at the local Westfield for the supposedly famous Boxing Day sales.

For those so inclined to said sales across the Atlantic, they may be aware of an earring that was spotted for sale that seemed to depict the carboard packaging still attached to the piercing.

In what is quickly becoming a late bolter for strangest internet sensation of the year, the puzzling piece depicts two gold rings attached to the packaging, making the wearer look like an over-zealous 9-year-old who couldn’t wait to show off their newest studs. Check it out below.

Credit: Maison Margiela/SSENSE
Behold the earring – cardboard included – that will hang from your lobes

The online description lists the piece as a “single earring in white calfskin and gold-tone brass…post-stud fastening. Approx. 4” drop.”

In classic contemporary fashion form, a “pair” will set you back almost $500 AUD, but it retailed at the steal of nearly $200 AUD at the sales earlier this week.

Credit: Maison Margiela/SSENSE

You’ll be turning heads at any event with earrings like these

Of course, the twitter-verse has had plenty to say about the earring since they hit the market, with many registering their disbelief at both the price and the aesthetic.

“Bruh those look like cheap $1 fashion earring sets you get at kiosks,” wrote one user.

“Shoplifter chic,” said another, aptly describing the appearance of someone rocking them.

Of course, 2019 has been a year full of strange and wacky fashion fads, from star wars and barbie collabs to the dad-bod making a triumphant return to the zenith of aesthetic pleasure.

Fashion for the 2020s seems to be hitting the ground running so far. Here’s to more packaged clothing moving forward.