If you’re still trying to hunt down a PS5, JB Hi-Fi might just be able to provide the Christmas miracle you’ve been hoping for.

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at the one year anniversary of the PS5’s launch and it’s still an absolute nightmare to try and buy one. But alas, this is the timeline we’re living, so it’s worth providing the heads up that today JB Hi-Fi appears to have made a move to usher in new orders.

The word comes via Press Start who noticed an expression of interest form appear on the retailer’s website, asking wannabe PS5 owners to jot down their name and email address.

Alongside the form it also reportedly noted “Due to high demand and limited stock allocations from Sony we are not taking further orders at this time. Keep an eye on this page for updates.” Talk about mixed messages.

While you can follow the original link here, the form appears to vanished and instead now leads to a more generic PS5 product page. That said, we suggest you bookmark that sucker and give it the odd refresh here and there over the next few days just in case.

Stock for the PS5 has been popping up across various retailers (including JB Hi-Fi) with no real rhyme or reason, so this is probably as good a lead as you’re going to get anytime soon. Fingers crossed that as many outstanding pre-orders are eventually fulfilled, JB Hi-Fi will be able to secure more PS5 systems in time to make for the ultimate stocking stuffer.

We also really hope that that there isn’t any shady business going on this time – much like we saw back in June when we discovered a JB employee had thrust the whole company in the middle of pretty shitty scandal.

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If you are on the lookout for a PS5, good luck and happy hunting!

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