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These are the three most important features from the new PS5 update

The first major PS5 software update is now ready to download - but how is it actually changing the way you play your video games?


The first major PS5 software update is now ready to download – but how is it actually changing the way you play your video games?

Last night, Sony started rolling out its first major system software update for its PS5 console. It’s an exciting time for those of you who actually managed to buy yourself one (if not – you might get lucky soon). But what is it actually changing? Here are the three most important takeaways.


You can now store PS5 games on an external USB drive

If we have one major pet peeve with the PS5, it’s the absolute lack of storage. You know when a single Call of Duty game takes up half your hard drive you’ve got to start making some serious decisions. The whole thing is a constant debacle.

Now you will be able to move PS5 games onto your external drive without having to delete and re-install every time. You still can’t play off the external drive, but it should make the process a lot faster.

Still no word on when you can just actually expand the PS5’s main storage though…

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Game Base will be better optimised

If you enjoy gaming with friends, the new ‘Game Base’ can still be a bit of a messy experience. This update should help fix some of those woes by putting more of a focus on the things you actually care about.

Thankfully, switching between parties and friends should be easier to do and you can better manage party notifications. That’s especially handy if you want to avoid being bothered in a particularly heavy moment of a game like The Last of Us Part II.

Oh, and if people are giving you the right shits, you can quickly turn off both your mic and the voice audio of other players. Thank the Sony gods.

See more about the PS5 user experience below:

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You’ll soon be able to manage your games from the PlayStation app

PlayStation is promising the new console update has paved the way for a bunch of new features for its smartphone app. While comparing trophy collections and joining multiplayer sessions from your phone is neat and all, we’re most psyched about being able to manage your storage remotely.

It’s something that Xbox owners have been able to do for some time now and will be mighty handy. It means that if you buy yourself a game but need to clear some free space for it to download, you can handle all that without having to be in front of the PS5. That will allow you to be able to jump into the action the moment you do get home.

There’s still plenty of niggles worth fixing with the system, so hopefully this update is the first of many to come.

You can read more about this topic over at the Gaming Observer.

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