Tossing up whether or not to buy the new Nintendo Switch OLED model? Well we’ve rounded up a bunch of early reviews to help you decide.

If you’re a long-time Nintendo Switch lover, it’s time to get excited, because we’re mere hours away from the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED model. It might not be the ‘Pro’ release fans continue to hold out hope for, but the new hardware does boast a pretty snazzy 7-inch OLED screen that should help plenty of current and future titles pop that little bit more.

There’s also an Ethernet port built into the dock for more stability with download speeds and multiplayer, as well as a fresh black and white aesthetic that’s pretty damn pleasing to the eye.

Early reviews for the updated console have started dropping today and it seems like there’s plenty to love.

According to Press Start, for example, the screen really comes into its own thanks to an exclusive ‘Console Screen Vividness’ setting that can be turned on or off. “This is hugely beneficial for Nintendo games, that really rely on vibrant colours and flatter, less realistic graphics,” the outlet claims. “Everything pops more, and going back to games such as Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild made them feel new again.”

Meanwhile according to IGN, its reviewer was impressed with the improved kickstand, which does away with the dangerously dainty alternative that Switch owners have been dealing with for years.

“Taking some cues from Microsoft’s Surface Pro line, the Switch OLED kickstand is a lot firmer and more flexible, offering more angles at which you can set the Switch up without risking it falling flat if you bump the table,” they explain. “Its increased width means any worries or anxiety over breaking the kickstand are gone in the OLED model, which makes it a lot easier to play multiplayer games like Super Mario Party in tabletop mode.”

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But perhaps the best sense of whether or not you should be prepared to pony up the cash for an upgrade comes courtesy of Kotaku Australia.

Its review states “The Switch OLED isn’t a true Switch successor, nor is it a Switch Pro or anything that resolves some of the performance quirks with some games. But Switch fans have made their peace with its limitations. That’s why the Switch has been outselling just about everything for the last few years. What the Switch OLED does is provide the best possible handheld experience right now. It’s not something all Switch fans should upgrade for — but if you’re able to trade in your existing console, it’s definitely worth considering.”

While I was initially quick to dismiss the Switch OLED model as a non-essential purchase, I’d be lying if I said these opinions weren’t swaying me to the dark side.

However the best news about the launch is that, unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series S, the Nintendo Switch OLED model is still totally available. In fact, you can jump onto Amazon and order one right this very minute.

Time to go check the piggy bank…

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