New generations of life altering technologies have fallen to Earth and changed what it’s like to be a dad in 2018, even when compared to 2008.

One that jumps out for me is the LONG PROMISED video phone, a regular feature on The Jetsons and Star Trek and The Simpsons and Back to the Future, always represented by a more awkward device than real world smart phones.

In the mid-2000s when we had basic Nokia devices like this, we knew video calls were coming but couldn’t have imagined how soon and easily.

Fast cut to 2018 and every phone, computer and social media platform features video calls. We’re a short jump away from holograms, augmented reality and virtual reality functions on all phones.

These technologies will transform how we relate to each other in society in profound ways, many of them explored in Black Mirror, but will anyone care?

Video calls have merged into our reality and been instantly taken as a given. If your FaceTime isn’t working, you’re annoyed. Already the world owes it to you. Can we appreciate the tech just a little bit more?

As parents, here’s three reasons why video calls are invaluable damn it.

When travelling and away from the kids

This is priceless. It’s excellent to see your little people and talk to them on screen when you’re away for a few days while working. Great for you. But WAY more important for them.

Maintaining that face to face contact makes it easier for kids to cope with your absence. They can show you things they’re been doing. Tell you their stories and see your lovely smiling face.

Using the video call to keep them in touch with grandparents

This one is golden. Does a phone call that’s not video even still exist for grandparents? They’ll always want to see and speak with their grandchild properly.

It keeps them in touch and allows your child to have super regular contact with them, even once you’ve moved (for specific example) a nine-hour drive north from Sydney to Byron Bay. Let alone if you move overseas.

Late back at work? Video call to say goodnight

You’re out at a late meeting, at the pub after work for some reason or stuck in transit at an airport. Rather than leaving the kids high and dry, we can jump on a video call and give our good nights.

Sing them a lullaby or the ABCs while they’re brushing their teeth. It allows us to keep up those rituals that keep rhythm and consistency in their daily life.

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