People on Twitter are freaking out over a restaurant that was trying to inject celebrity DNA into their meats back in 2014.

A recent Tweet from @BaltimoorBambi has revitalized the conversation on meat infused with celebrity DNA. Despite the Tweet’s claims, there is only record of one company even attempting to try this— BiteLabs. This company made a very weird campaign back in 2014 to try and get people to Tweet at popular celebrities. This was part of a plan to pressure the celebs to allow BiteLabs to use their DNA in their meat.

On BiteLabs‘ website, you can see them suggesting different flavour compositions for celebs such as Ellen DeGeneres, James Franco, Kanye West, and Jennifer Lawrence. Ellen, James, and Kanye have since fallen from grace since this 2014 campaign so maybe they should look for fresh meat to fetishize?

“They got whole restaurants where they inject meat with your favorite celebrities dna and they promote cannibalism lol and y’all still think the industry is normal ok”

BiteLabs website itself is full of charming little messages such as these:

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“Who else do you want to eat?
Tweet at them with #EatCelebrityMeat”

They also want to assure you that it’s eco-friendly and healthy for you as well.

“Celebrity meat production requires less than 1% of the amount of land needed for traditional farming. Currently, 70% of the world’s farmland (almost 30% of the entire earth’s surface) is used for raising animals. Meat production today is simply unsustainable: unless a radical change is made, the price of meat will eventually rise out of control. Lab grown meats are the future.”

“Bite Labs’ meats are not affected by the growth hormones administered to farm animals, nor are they in contact with pesticides or other chemicals associated with industrial farming. The nutritional content of our products can be rigorously controlled. Farms are dirty, and animals prone to infection; Bite Labs is a clean space where we can grow safer, healthier products.”

There are better ways to do this than growing celebrity tissue samples in a test tube @ BiteLabs.

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