Crocs latest collaboration is absolutely bananas.

We’ve seen a bunch of celebrity collaborations with the clogs giants recently and now we’re back to one of the collabs they do best: food!

While the clog of the moment has undeniably become a fashion (or should we say wardrobe) staple, the collaborations haven’t stopped coming. And we’re bloody here for it. Their latest collaboration has come in partnership with Nongshim snacks.

Nongshim are a notorious Korean snack giant, responsible for gracing the aisles of your local Asian grocery stores and of course all around the world too.

If you are yet to acquaint yourself with their snacks, you haven’t been living. Noodles, drinks, chips, onion rings and more, they’ve decided to adorn their collaborative Crocs with one of their most iconic snacks, none other than Banana Kick.

Nongshim have been making Banana Kick since 1978 and if you haven’t tried it before, it’s a corn-based snack described as having a “tender and sweet banana flavour”. The best part? They’re so light and fluffy that they can melt in your mouth.

You’ll see the Banana Kick mascot printed onto both clogs in each pair. And of course your pair wouldn’t be complete on their own, they’ve also released a special set of Jibbitz to add on too.

The Jibbitz draw inspo from other Nongshim snacks, including Shrimp Crackers, their Chicken Chips, Potato Chips and more.

The Banana Kick Crocs come in at $84.95 a pair and are available to purchase right now via the online store. Honestly, if you don’t have Crocs by now are you even doing lockdown right?

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