Following the dramatic departure of Novak Djokovic from Australia in January, the tennis champion has returned to little fanfare. 

In previous years, the tennis champion had been adamant on his anti-vaccination stance, especially in regards to the COVID vaccines and the rules and regulations regarding travel. 

Unsurprisingly, Djokovic had not received a vaccination against COVID-19 and had been infectious with the virus months prior to his arrival. This led to a deemed-illegal entry into Australia at the beginning of 2022. 

The player was kept at the Park Hotel detention centre with asylum seekers who had been there for up to nine years. 

As the events spiralled on, other players supported him while others remained silent, Serbia was threatening Australia and Djokovic’s father encouraged his supporters to take to the streets in an effort to free him from his alleged captivity. 

Regardless, the saga ended with a fizzle as Djokovic was deported and was unable to participate in the 2022 Australian Open. 

Though Djokovic had been slammed with a three-year ban from the country, the decision was overturned considering the now outdated laws on vaccination requirements when entering Australia. 

Last night, Novak Djokovic arrived at Adelaide Airport to participate in the Adelaide International tennis tournament in the lead up to the Australian Open later in January. 

There was little to no publicity, in an attempt to avoid the media attention that his arrival would inevitably follow. Neither Djokovic or his representatives have made a statement at this stage. 

The Adelaide International commences on the 1st of January 

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