In the latest chapter of the Dave Chappelle Netflix controversy, Caitlyn Jenner has leapt to his defence on social media. 

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, October 27th, to give her thoughts on the furore, Jenner said that the comedian was “100% right.”

“This isn’t about the LGBTQ movement,” Jenner wrote. “It’s about woke cancel culture run amok, trying to silence free speech.” She concluded by saying, “We must never yield or bow to those who wish to stop us from speaking our minds.”

Earlier this week, Chappelle finally responded to all the backlash over his recent Netflix, The Closer. He insisted that he wouldn’t be “summoned” by the trans community but would meet at a time and place of his choosing.

In one part of his special, the comedian declared himself as a member of ‘team TERF’, an acronym for a ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminist’, which led to criticism from people like Aussie comic Hannah Gadsby.

“I want everyone in this audience to know that even though the media frames it that it’s me versus that community, that is not what it is,” he said.

“Do not blame the LBGTQ community for any of this s–t. This has nothing to do with them. It’s about corporate interests and what I can say and what I cannot say. For the record, and I need you to know this, everyone I know from that community has been loving and supporting, so I don’t know what all this nonsense is about.”

Chappelle also thanked Netflix head honcho Ted Sarandos in his video, saying, “he’s the only one that didn’t cancel me yet.”

Reaction to Jenner’s tweet online proved mixed. Many Twitter users quote tweeted her with clap and prayer emojis while others called her out for being a poor representative of the trans community.

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