NSW Health officials want you to go out but not move around as they asked people to stick to just one venue this weekend.

Their official Twitter account made the recommendation earlier today, urging revellers in Sydney to find one pub and stay there for the duration of their night out.

We all know that excited feeling of being on a big night out and not wanting it to end. A visit to one bar becomes two bars which in the blink of an eye becomes a mad dash around the city streets, tumbling into anywhere with the feint whiff of alcohol. After the stresses and the boredom of lockdown, too, the appeal is only intensified. NSW Health are right to be cautious, of course, and asking the state’s people to stick to one place is a necessary move.

It’s still enough to make any Melburnian jealous right now with that city being deep into a second lockdown. NSW Health officials have also clearly noted the unexpected cluster outbreak in New Zealand’s biggest city Auckland where 13 more cases of COVID-19 have been detected, ending the country’s hopeful and impressive run of 102 days without a community case.

It’s another move to squash the spread of COVID-19. It comes after the incident over a week ago where an individual visited several venues across Sydney’s inner west and would go on to test positive for coronavirus, leading to widespread contact tracing efforts from authorities.

By limiting people’s movements to just one spot, NSW Health officials believe this gives them a far better chance of effectively tracing anyone who may have had contact with a potential positive case.

So to all our friends in Sydney, choose your bar wisely this weekend. Go hard if you want but don’t move spots!

Check out the NSW Health Announcement:

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