While mid-May may be the time to well and truly accept that the days of balmy BBQs and sunny beach mornings are donezo for a while, the good news is that the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting some serious snowfall this week – as well as large surfing conditions.

The Perisher Valley village has already been dumped on with 5five centimetres of snowfall this weekend and the average temperature was sitting at around a cool zero degrees.

Over at Thredbo the popular ski resort saw ten centimetres of fresh powder and saw a maximum temperature of 1 degree today.

Thredbo resident Mal Bruce was elated at the sign of the beginning of the ski season.

“Last night, when I walked home, it was freezing and it’s been really cold here recently. We had jackets on in the pub,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald. “If it keeps snowing it should be really good.”

Thredbo Marketing Manager Caroline Brauer believes that we are going to be in for a treat this ski season, predicting a lot of snow.

“The upcoming winter is looking hugely positive in Thredbo Resort with early season snow falls setting it up nicely for what will be a great winter ahead,” she said. “While we’re still operating in a COVID-impacted environment, we’re really looking forward to welcoming more guests to the mountains this winter.”

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For the experienced surfers amongst us, the Bureau of Meteorology has issued a hazardous surf warning along the Sydney, Hunter and Macquarie coastlines, with those rock fishing, boating, and swimming urged to take caution. The danger of going into the water in these conditions, however, must be stressed.

If the goosebumps adorning your arms and legs first thing in the morning lately weren’t enough of an indication, according to BOM we’re in for a whole lot more of freezing cold weather.

“There’s not much moisture in [the cold front]… it’s more of a dry change. Once the air gets to Sydney and over the landscape, any moisture has removed from the atmosphere and it makes it feel even colder,” BOM forecaster Helen Reid said.

“This is the second or third cold snap for the season. While it is still early in the season, it’s not unusual. But temperatures are not going to bounce back up as high as we’ve seen after other cold snaps, because we are closer to winter. Winter is coming.”

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