The original Obi-Wan Kenobi writer, Hossein Amini, joked around that he was removed from the project due to biblical references.

The original writer for the Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi series, Hossein Amini, joked around while on an episode of Script Apart. Amini said his references to stories from the bible within his script probably got him fired, before laughing

“The thing that inspired me… this is probably why I got fired [laughs], I remember, like, thinking it’s a little bit like the Book of Job,” he explained. “Where [Obi-Wan] needs to go through tests and, y’know, that idea that you go through tests and then at the end of it you find your faith. And that for me is quite a dark journey, but it’s one that ends up kind of in a hopeful place. But, y’know, look, I think I’m naturally drawn to, like I said, those sorts of things and I think maybe one of the strengths of Star Wars is its simplicity.”

Amini then went on to talk about where Obi-Wan is currently at and how some of his early scripts might have influenced the character.

“I can describe what things interested me at the time which were that Obi-Wan in that particular time and place, you know the idea… and I think a lot of that is still there, the idea of all his friends have died, what he believed in has fallen and, you know, and he’s lost his faith in a sense, he’s lost his… not in the Force, but some sense of [faith]. And from what I see in the trailer, that notion is still there and my name is still on some of the scripts even though there are lots of other writers now,” he said.

“We certainly inherited a lot of ideas from the [story] developments in the past,” Harold said. “But there’s also a lot of new directions and ideas we explored, building off some of those things we inherited.”

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