Melodic and melancholic, Oslow’s pensive full-length debut proves why they are Sydney’s best-kept secret.

Vocalist and bassist Dylan Farrugia has said, “The songs themselves seek to express our personal experiences as young people in Australia and what that means at this juncture in history.” And that resonates: Oslow is a snapshot, a time capsule of the thoughts and attitudes of Australian youths in this particular period of time. It’s apathetic, it’s anxious and it’s hopeful.

A careful partnership of brooding lyricism and rose-tinted-glasses songwriting is what ties this record together as a coming-of-age work from the local four-piece. The late David Bowie summed it up best: “And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds / Are immune to your consultations / They’re quite aware of what they’re going through”.

Lead single ‘Cold Dark Space’ and its intricate guitar melodies are as majestic as the accompanying instruments. It’s a demonstration of this release’s biggest achievement – production that serves as sonic replication, rather than emulation, and a collective that understands the push and pull of its musical relationship.

Partnering with producer/engineer Dylan Adams (DMA’s, James Blake), Oslow have positioned themselves among today’s post-punk leaders, together with the likes of Title Fight, Pup and Basement.

Oslow’s self-titled album is out now throughResist.

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