There’s art, and then there’s celebrity testicular art. Turns out that the latter has a high market value as far as paintings go, as Channing Tatum is no doubt aware.

The hunky actor has been busy in all areas of the creative arts recently, with his recent pose for painter Chris Mann seeming run of the mill – aside from his scrotum on full display, no doubt enlarged for show.

Despite the jarring image, made all the more creepy by his sly smirk, the painting has fetched a handy price-tag of $9,700 AUD on eBay, with Tatum’s particulars worth nearly 5 figures in cold hard cash.

Mann-Art-NUDE-MALE-CHANNING-TATUM-Original-Oil-Painting-Gay-InterestChanning Tatum and scrotum pose for this oil painting

“This is an original, hand-painted piece by L.A. area artist, Chris Mann – not a reproduction,” reads the description.

The description goes on to describe the work as “lovingly painted in rich tones and fine brushwork.” Wonderful.

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Mann’s made a name for himself capturing the rich and famous in the nude, apparently also producing a series of nude portraits of the Golden Girls cast, titled Golden Girls Gone Wild. 

While we were unable to unearth those particular images, at least you can gaze upon Tatum’s sack without having to cough up the dough. Enjoy.